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Our Construction Services


At Lozcon CBI, we collaborate with individuals and organizations on a wide range of projects, including governmental, commercial, and residential ventures. Our first step is to establish a clear understanding of our business relationship, whether you prefer us to take full charge of the entire project or a specific portion of it. By working closely together, we can draft various construction contracts that precisely outline our collaborative efforts, define responsibilities, and determine the equitable distribution of project savings or profits. From inception to completion, we ensure a comprehensive and transparent approach to our partnership, facilitating a successful construction journey.

Construction General Contractor

As a trusted General Contractor, Lozcon assumes full accountability for every facet of the construction and building process. From the initial pre-building tasks encompassing conceptualization, design, budgeting, and permitting, to the onset of construction, Lozcon excels as a proficient construction manager. Our responsibilities include procuring materials, subcontractor selection, meticulous scheduling, onsite supervision, quality inspections, and finalizing essential paperwork. With Lozcon at the helm, you can rely on our comprehensive expertise to ensure a seamless construction experience from start to finish.   

Cost-Plus or Turnkey Construction Contracts


Experience Hassle-Free Construction with Lozcon CBI! Choose our Cost Plus Operation for your project, where we handle all aspects from trade subcontractors to materials and equipment. You'll have peace of mind as we transparently account for our overhead and profit, ensuring your vision is brought to life without budget constraints. Alternatively, opt for our Turn Key Construction service, where we provide a fixed price agreement, taking full responsibility for meeting or surpassing your budget. With Lozcon CBI, expect a seamless construction experience, expert craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to your satisfaction.

Construction Consulting Services 

At Lozcon, we understand that you may already have a general contractor in place or have hired one for your project. However, if you require expert assistance to oversee specific aspects of the construction operation, we are here to help. With our extensive experience of 20 years collaborating with various contractors in the region, we have had the privilege of contributing to the construction, consultation, and management of numerous significant buildings throughout the Valley. Trust Lozcon to provide reliable construction consulting services and ensure the success of your project.


At Lozcon, we recognize the significance of the pre-planning phase in construction projects, and we prioritize its importance. With our motto "Fail to plan - plan to fail" at the core, we emphasize thorough planning to ensure project success. During this crucial phase, we meticulously identify and mitigate potential risks, failures, oversights, and challenges, setting the groundwork for a smooth construction process. Proper planning holds the key to maximizing profits, whether it's a smaller-scale project with incremental gains or a large-scale endeavor with substantial financial implications. Our expertise in comprehensive construction planning can make a significant impact on your project's profitability, potentially amounting to thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on its size.

Planning, Architect, Engineering & Permits

At Lozcon, we commence every project by engaging in design, visualization, sketching, risk assessment, preliminary scheduling, and comprehensive project checklists. We collaborate closely with architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) professionals to ensure all necessary permits are obtained and precise plans are created. Our objective is to ensure that every tradesperson involved in the project adheres to building guidelines and specifications, enabling seamless construction and exceptional outcomes.

Budgeting & Cashflow Projections

At Lozcon, we leverage the detailed plans and specifications to conduct comprehensive estimations of material and labor costs, define the scope of work, establish project schedules, outline the installation process, and ensure the quality of workmanship. Through this meticulous process, we proactively determine the costs and establish structured pay schedules for all laborers involved. Our goal is to ensure that sufficient funds are allocated and readily available throughout the project, enabling smooth progress and minimizing any potential interruptions.

Project Value Engineering

At Lozcon, we have a proactive approach towards identifying and evaluating changes in plans that can enhance the functional value of the completed project. We carefully assess these changes to ensure they do not impact the project's delivery schedule. Our team is skilled in identifying opportunities to reduce the budget or reallocate funds while maintaining the project's overall integrity. Additionally, we actively seek savings incentives and promote the sharing of savings among contractors and stakeholders involved. Our aim is to optimize project outcomes and foster a collaborative environment that benefits all parties involved.

Project Bid Criteria & Bid Tabulation


At Lozcon, we diligently gather all bid plans, specifications, estimates, and contracts, conducting a comprehensive bid tabulation process. Through careful debriefing, thorough comparisons, and necessary adjustments, we ensure accuracy and transparency in the bidding process. Once the selection is made, we expedite the contract signing and obtain the necessary assurances to commence construction promptly. Our meticulous approach ensures that all prerequisites are met, legal requirements are satisfied, and any potential bid protests are mitigated, providing a solid foundation for a smooth and successful construction journey.

Cost Analysis & Budget Formulation


Once we have collected information from estimators, assessed project value changes, and received bids, Lozcon undertakes a thorough project cost analysis to establish financial guidelines. We meticulously formulate a budget that sets clear parameters, including maximum costs for materials and labor, ensuring that the completed job aligns with the profit expectations of all stakeholders involved. Our goal is to maintain financial discipline while delivering a successful project that meets and exceeds the desired profitability for all parties involved.

Contract Award & Execution

At Lozcon, we meticulously create a comprehensive schedule of values that outlines each step of the project along with its associated cost and percentage. This detailed breakdown enables the prompt and accurate payment of each completed milestone by Lozcon, the architect, and/or the owner. Additionally, we take charge of preparing contracts and obtaining signatures from all contractors who have been awarded the bids, ensuring a clear and legally binding agreement for a successful collaboration.


As a seasoned construction manager, Lozcon provides end-to-end construction services, meticulously overseeing every facet of the project. We take pride in upholding the highest standards throughout the construction process, ensuring that each task, from ground preparation to final touches, meets or exceeds the defined plans and expectations. With an unwavering commitment to cost control, we diligently manage expenses while maintaining superior quality. Our unwavering dedication guarantees that upon project completion, you will have the utmost confidence in selecting us as your trusted construction partner, knowing that you have enlisted the expertise of a top-tier construction management firm.

Break Ground, Team & Trade Recruitment


Lozcon takes charge of the official project commencement, kickstarting all aspects of the construction process. Regardless of the project's magnitude, we expertly coordinate the team members essential for successful execution, overseeing the construction and management phases. Our top priority is to assemble a team of skilled tradesmen, craftsmen, and artisans, handpicked to deliver exceptional results while minimizing the risk of construction failures or the need for costly rework. With our meticulous approach, we ensure that only the best professionals are entrusted to bring your project to life.

Permitting, Submittals, Inspections & Safety

Lozcon diligently conducts thorough research to identify and address all necessary requirements, timeframes, fees, and approvals. We collaborate closely with your architect or construction manager to develop a comprehensive permit plan, expediting the permit acquisition process. Additionally, we prioritize safety by assigning dedicated on-site safety supervisors and conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer soil testing, pre-pouring assessments, pre-covering inspections, and final inspections upon project completion, ensuring every aspect of your construction project meets the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Budget Control & Accounts Payable

Lozcon leverages cutting-edge technology to effectively monitor and manage construction costs, ensuring precise tracking and control at every level, including job, phase, cost code, and cost type. We employ advanced systems to track labor productivity, analyze unit costs, and efficiently manage subcontract work and payment schedules. With our robust financial management approach, we exercise careful control over cash disbursements, selectively paying invoices based on job, due date, discount date, vendor, and invoices, while also managing retainage and its release to maintain financial stability throughout the project.   

Field Management,  Conflict Resolution, Reporting, 

Lozcon takes charge of the entire construction process, overseeing and actively responding to the dynamic elements of the project, such as workforce management, material procurement, and addressing any related tasks that arise. We expertly coordinate all aspects and phases of construction, promptly handling change orders and resolving conflicts that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, we provide comprehensive reporting services including RFI monitoring, progress reporting, and facilitating legal data, ensuring transparency and effective communication throughout the project.

Architect & Engineer Liason, Quality Control & Inspections


Lozcon serves as a vital link between the architect, engineer, stakeholders, contractors, supervisors, and tradesmen, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration. We take proactive measures to ensure that the project attains the desired level of quality, surpassing the plans and specifications. This involves establishing clear inspection protocols, including the timing of inspections, generating comprehensive written reports, and determining the designated recipients for review. In the event of any required corrections, we diligently outline the responsible parties and the appropriate procedures for rectification, all while ensuring proper follow-up in accordance with defined guidelines.

Project Closeout Documents, Warranty, Liens, & Occupancy 

Lozcon will meticulously prepare the job site for the new owner's occupancy, ensuring that all contractual obligations are fulfilled and the quality of work aligns with project requirements. Additionally, we take responsibility for site cleanup, equipment retrieval, waste disposal, and the removal of temporary structures and infrastructure. As part of our comprehensive handover process, Lozcon will deliver all pertinent documentation pertaining to each stage of the construction process, release any liens, and provide the owner with warranty documents for their peace of mind.