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Our Construction Services


Lozcon CBI will work with any person or organization on a governmental, commercial or residential project.  First we have to determine what our business relationship and whether you want us to completely be in charge of the whole project or a part of it.  Working together, we can draw up several different kinds of constrution contracts so we can define exactly how we will be working together, define respsonsibilities, and to determine the distribution of savings or profits of the project, from start to finish.

Construction General Contractor


As a General Contractor, Lozcon will be completely responsible for all aspects of the construction/building process: the pre-building responsibilities such as concept, design, budgeting, permitting, etc.  Then when building begins, Lozcon will act as the construction manager to purchase materials, hire subcontractor, schedule work, supervise construction, inspect quality of work, finalize paperwork, etc.   


Cost-Plus or Turnkey Construction Contracts

Cost Plus Operation - An owner agrees to pay the cost of the work, including all trade subcontractor work, labor, materials, and equipment, plus an amount for Lozcon’s overhead and profit.

Turn Key Construction - Construction contract in which the price is fixed at the time the contract is signed.  Lozcon is completely held responsible for meeting or exceeding the budget. 

Construction Consulting Services 

You may already be or have hired a general contractor and you need an expert to take-over a large or small part of the construction operation.  At Lozcon, we have 20 years of  working with other contractors throughout the region and we have had the pleasure of being part of the construction, consultation  and management of several major buildings throughout the Valley.


An important part and often overlooked part of construction is the pre-planning phase.  Fail to plan - plan to fail is a motto we live by.  During this phase, we will identify and avoid unecessary risks, failures, oversights, problems, etc.  Planning properly can be the difference between small or large profits, thousands or even millions, depending on the size of the project.

Planning, Architect, Engineering & Permits

Lozcon will start a project with design, visualization, sketching, risk assessment, preliminary calendar, project checklists, etc.  Lozcon will work architects and civil, structural & MEP engineers to obtain permits and create plans in order for every tradesman to meet building guidelines and specifications.

Budgeting & Cashflow Projections


Lozcon will use the plans and specs to perform the estimating of the materials and labor costs, the scope of work, project schedules, installation process, and quality of work to pre-determine the costs and pay schedules of all the laborers.  This will ensure that there is sufficient cash-on-hand for the project process to continue without interruptions.

Project Value Engineering

Lozcon will identify and evaluate changes in plans to increase functional value of completed project, identify savings and change direction without affecting delivery schedule, reduce budget or reallocate funds, and identify savings incentives and sharing of savings amongst contractor and all stakeholders.

Project Bid Criteria & Bid Tabulation

Lozcon will collect all bid plans, specifications, estimates and contracts and perform a bid tabulation with debriefing, comparisons and adjustments.  Then Lozcon will get any contracts signed and assurances to start construction early and to make sure that all pre-requisites have been met and that there are no legal restraints or bid protests.

Cost Analysis & Budget Formulation

After getting gathering estimator information, project value changes, and bids, Lozcon will perform a project cost analysis and provide a budget formulation in order to set financial guidelines.  The budget will define the maximum costs of materials and labor in order for the completed job to meet the profit expectations of all stakeholders.

Contract Award & Execution

Lozcon will prepare a schedule of values and list every item on a project step-by-step along with the cost and percentage of every item which allows the awarding and subsequent payment of each completed step by Lozcon, the architect and/or the owner.  Lozcon will then prepare contracts and get signatures of all contractors who are awarded the bids.


We provides all construction services from the ground up, beggining to end.  Lozcon will ensure that every aspect of the construction process is performed at the highest standards and that any labor or materials meet or exceed plans and expectations while controlling costs at the same time.  Lozcon promises that when complete, you will be convinced that you hired the best construction company in the region.

Break Ground, Team & Trade Recruitment

Lozcon will perform the official job commencement and get the project moving on all ends.  Depending on the size of the project, Lozcon will organize all the team members necessary to carry out and build and manage the project.  Lozcon will ensure that the best tradesmen/craftsmen/artisans are recruited to do the best possible job avoiding  any construction failures or re-do's.  

Permitting, Submittals, Inspections & Safety

Lozcon will research all requirements, timeframes, fees, and approvals needed and coordinate with your architect or construction manager a permit plan to get your permits.  Lozcon will also assign on-site safety supervisors, perform on-site safety audits to ensure OSHA compliance.  Lozcon will also provide soil testing, pre-pouring, pre-covering and final inspections upon completion of the project.

Budget Control & Accounts Payable

Lozcon utilizes the latest technology to keep track and control of construction costs by job, phase, cost code and cost type.  Lozcon will track labor productivity, analyze unit costs and manage subcontract work and pay schedules.  Lozcon will also control cash disbursements by selective payment of invoices by job, due date, discount date, vendor & invoices and withhold any retainage and control its release.    

Field Management,  Conflict Resolution, Reporting, 

Lozcon will manage and supervise all steps of the actual building process and react to all the moving parts of construction, including workforce issues, resource or material shortages and any and all corresponding tasks associated with the the project. Lozcon will coordinate all aspects and each phase of construction and make any change orders or resolve any inevitable conflicts that arise due to unforseen circumstances.  Lozcon will provide any reports necessary such as RFI monitoring, progress reporting, legal data facilitation, etc. 

Architect & Engineer Liason, Quality Control & Inspections

Lozcon will act as a liason between the artchitect, engineer, stakeholders, contractors, supervisors, & tradesmen.  Lozcon will engage in to ensure that the required quality of the project is achieved and that all work meets of exceeds the plans and specifications. This process defines the inspection requirements, the timing of the inspections, written report, and who is to receive and review them, and in the event that any need for correction who and how it will be done, with the appropriate defined follow up.

Project Closeout Documents, Warranty, Liens, & Occupancy 

Lozcon will make the job-site ready for the new owner to take over and ensure that all work has been completed according to contractual obligations and that the quality of the work matches project requirements. Lozcon will also cleaning up the actual job site, return equipment, dispose of waste, and removing temporary buildings and infrastructure.  Lozcon will also hand over any and all documentation relevant to each stage of the construction process, release any liens and provide warranty documents to the owner.